Client Services - Management

S. D. Herman Co. currently manages nearly four million square feet of industrial properties in the Greater Los Angeles area, Ventura and San Diego counties, The Tempe/ Phoenix area and in Las Vegas. Our areas of emphasis for leasing and sales are in City of Commerce, Vernon, and Central Los Angeles. We manage every property in our portfolio in the best interest of the owner, every aspect of our management responsibilities with the utmost duty and attention to detail.

The services we provide to our management clients include; Qualifying incoming tenants major and minor repair and maintenance, annual insurance evaluation, real estate tax review, rent collection, supervision of both security and fire sprinkler alarm monitoring, billings for annual insurance and real estate tax increases, maintaining insurance liability certificates from all management tenants, as well as leasing and sales.

Just as important, yet somewhat less tangible, is the wealth of knowledge and depth of experience we provide to our ownership and management groups. We view each and every property as if it was our own, and this helps us to ensure that we are providing the best service and value to our clients.

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If you are interested in our property management services please call our office at (213) 747-6531.