Dear Gary:

Just a note to thank you for your many years of outstanding service to the Pistey Family.

In 1971 you sold Mary Lou and me an industrial warehouse building in Vernon with the County of Los Angeles as the tenant, a top quality tenant who, 38 years later, is still in occupancy of this property. A couple of years later you sold us the four building complex in Downtown Los Angeles which remained fully occupieduntilthe recent major renovation of the building, which was totally coordinated and supervised by your staff.

In addition to these wholly owned properties, over the years we have invested in several of your investment partnerships and LLC’s and enjoy the appreciation, monthly distribution checks and your management skills in keeping all of our investments in sound condition.

I shall continue with Gary, Sr. and his staff and I have advised my heirs to keep everything just the way it is. Please don’t hesitate to use my name as a reference, and I authorize you to give my telephone number to prospective clients. I will welcome their inquiries in order to give them more details on the very long-term relationship with you and your company.


William A. Pistey