To S. D. Herman Co:

A letter of appreciation from Douglas White, The White Family Trust

More than 25 years ago, Leonard Wagner of the S. D. Herman Co. contacted my grandmother with a proposal. Mr. Wagner had noticed that two of our buildings had been closed for three months because the renters owed back taxes. My grandmother agreed to have the S. D. Herman Co. manage the property if they could get the IRS to release the buildings for rent. This was done in short order, and the Herman Co. took over the account. Within a short period of time, rents were raised considerably in order to bring them up to present day rates, and much overdue maintenance was attended to.

Over the years, we have survived several fires and closings beyond our control, but the timely professional attention by the S. D. Herman Co. has quickly put us back in business. Led by Gary Herman Sr., his staff has always been on top of market conditions, and has always performed in the most professional and honest manner.

We have enjoyed a most friendly relationship throughout the years as Gary, Sr. and his staff have continually made themselves readily available to us at all times. We look forward to working with them for many years.


Douglas White